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Innovation as a Solution (IaaS)

Copper & Vine accelerates innovation and growth with the world’s service companies, industrial organizations, government and NGOs, delivering end-to-end solutions that transform how businesses lead the world of tomorrow, today.

Our Innovation sessions power the focus needed to execute and accelerate business. Each client receives custom consulting by a senior Copper & Vine business strategist and developer. Identifying the needs of your business, validating your idea and implementing your solution is the key beginning to acceleration.

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Implement innovation with clarity & strategy

Copper & Vine helps enterprises, governments, and startups – from early stage to high growth – to innovate, scale and deliver transformative value faster.

For enterprises and governments, we clarify and curate roadmaps within your existing landscape to harness the possible.  

For startups and accelerators, we provide a focused range of services across the startup lifecycle, accelerating smart business growth.  

We bring together the right set of players to co-develop and deliver the new solutions that get you further, faster.

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Custom Sessions

Over the course of 2 months you'll have 4 consultation session with your dedicated Copper & Vine Senior Strategist.

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During your workshops we'll outline the best implementation roadmap for you as a guide of moving from idea to implementation.

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As you begin developing your innovation, access custom resources, and next steps to support your scale worthy actions.

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What YOu Get

Four Innovation Sessions


Discover &

We'll identify new opportunity areas for innovation. We surface unmet needs through empathy and research methods. Using advanced analysis and scenario planning, we work with you to dig into external trends, understand their impact and identify new opportunities based on future needs; then validate whether they're viable, desirable and feasible.


Research &

We'll define and drive alignment around the goals, resources, capabilities and objectives to operationalize your innovation. We'll provide a continuous feedback loop so you’re able to adjust your strategy based on results and new insights, allowing you to adapt more quickly in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.


Roadmap &

We'll reimagine and reshape your innovation roadmap to make sure your staying lean and focused on success. Whether you want to examine your overall business strategy, redesign your organizational structure, or create a product that has legs to run on, we'll architect a game plan—with specific exercises and concrete objectives—customized to the nuances of your business and strategy.


Activate & 

Call it breakthrough innovation, business model innovation, disruptive innovation, horizon 3 innovation – regardless of the name, the objective is the same: to develop brand-new sources of growth. Each workshop will focus on producing a result of success, managing that result and scaling against the roadmap created.

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