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Copper & Vine is a creative solutions agency that helps founders around the world build businesses, products, and service offerings from concept to market. The studio agency works with corporations and nonprofits to redefine and execute on their most innovative ideas. Copper & Vine's approach is rooted in the power of connection, the necessity of inclusion, and the importance of innovative accessibility. We cultivate business models that result in consumer confidence, retention, and conversion.

With over 15 years of experience in business, product & software development, brand strategy, engagement production, systems development, design, and venture positioning, Copper & Vine is known for planting ideas that shift industries and conversations.

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We’re fueled by a passion for innovation and the thrill of getting results.Even though we’re innovators, we’re not the day-dreaming kind that will imagine endless possibilities but delivers none of them. We – get –results. With a cumulative experience of over 35 years in digital development, design, rich media, and strategy, we formed a team of incredibly skilled professionals, developers, producers, writers, and designers. Our mission is to take your vision, your thoughts, your dreams and transfer them into a scale-able organization, aimed for success.

A big idea gets to have a solid foundation, result driven execution, clear goals and redefining innovation and defining implementation.

Rakia Finley — Founder & Managing Partner
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Ideate & Validate

Our Ideation to Validation services gets answers to your hard questions, identifying the market landscape and build a company structure that's ready for your product, technology or service offering to stand on.

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We know what it takes to build a new business venture. Once we have research and strategy leading the way, our senior development team begin building, coding, designing and producing your idea.

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Your success doesn't stop at launch! Our goal will be to get you to the highest tower of success. We invest in competence building and reserve time for delivering customer specific  service and mentoring.

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