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October 4, 2021

Your Outdated Processes are Stunting Your Business Growth

Outdated processes are the most disturbing elements that stunt the day-to-day activities and operations of a business. If not updated appropriately, these processes might hamper department productivity along with employee morale. Known for creating trenches between different departments and inefficiency in work, obsolete technologies can threaten your business growth and development.

Irrespective of the type and size, every business uses hundreds of processes daily to get its work done. Updating business processes is essential to stay compliant with regulations. From recruiting new employees and communicating with clients to storing important files and signing legal documents, there are ample processes that a business needs to manage for its smooth operation. Inefficient processes leave employees dissatisfied and frustrated. The failure to advance your business processes can hamper your business growth and damage your brand reputation. 

This blog will discuss some common pitfalls of business processes within marketing and sales teams and their impact on a company’s growth. 

Obsolete Technologies

An inefficient and obsolete process can have a significant impact on your business management. In today's age of digitalization, when most technological innovations are short-lived, updating your process is vital for your business’ success. The upgrading of processes ensures that you meet the present market demands and survive tomorrow’s challenges. 

  • Dries Up Lead Sources- Marketing departments of all businesses bank upon the latest technologies for most of their processes. Whether it's about promoting the new launches, generating new leads, or retaining the existing customer base, each of these marketing activities requires precise and data-supported processes for operation. However, if your business is still using outdated solutions, it won't meet your marketing goals. Instead, the obsolete technologies might increase your marketing budget with less ROI and cause uncontrolled data chaos. The lack of modern technology like automation and CRM technology in your marketing process might lead to weak customer nurturing and loss of potential leads.
  • Untapped Sales Opportunities- To maximize your sales growth, make sure to embrace new technologies whenever needed. Today, when automation and AI are ruling business processes, consider incorporating them in your sales process to maximize your ROI. Lack of automation or other updated technologies might result in time-consuming administrative tasks and stop you from prioritizing the right opportunities. Outdated technology in your sales process might provide you with a missing database that can hamper your team's overall performance.
  • Result in Customer Dissatisfaction- In today's competitive market, it’s essential to respond promptly to your customer’s needs to stay ahead of the competition. However, if your business has technological limitations, it might result in customer dissatisfaction. Outdated technology might prevent your customer service team from connecting with your customers proactively. With an obsolete communication system, your customers may find it challenging to find a way to get in touch for the right solution, resulting in frustration and tarnishing the company’s image.

Data Silos

To ensure business growth and development, you need to focus on transparent and precise data. However, outdated processes in your organization can create data silos that threaten the transparency of your business data. This problem results in the lack of communication between departments, escalating access restrictions, and non-integrated solutions. The consequences of poor business processes within Data Silos can be devastating. Without a transparent database, the management across departments can become obscure and result in low productivity.

  • Fail to Speak Your Customer’s Language- Data silos in marketing stop your team from receiving reliable data for planning, executing, and measuring campaign success. These silos hamper the marketing team's efficiency and prevent them from providing the right solutions to customers. Your employees cannot share or access important information regarding customers, activities, and leads without the correct data. With limited access to data and improper insights, your marketing team might struggle to communicate effectively with the audience. 
  • Sales Inefficiency & Errors- If you want to improve your company's sales figures, consider upgrading your sales data processes. Without the systematic transfer of information, the sales and customer information might go unused and become data silos. The valuable data for a sales team consists of phone call logs, market insights, fair reports, sales funnel reports, and so on. Without an updated internal sales communication process, the sales team might struggle to access the correct information to deteriorate their performance. Without transparent sales activities, the overall performance of your business might suffer.
  • Poor Customer Service- Customer service is a department that relies upon different insights from other departments for smooth operations. However, with data silos, your customer service department might be wholly isolated from the rest of the company. Due to this, the customer service department employees might not get valuable insight about customers from the sales and marketing team, resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Here, the team might struggle to provide customers with the correct information that they are looking for. They also might fail to give the customers remedies to their product-specific customer complaints.

Weak Integration

With the advancement of technology, every business, irrespective of its type and size, requires integrated processes for success. For example, a SaaS company depends upon different tracking solutions, inventory management systems, and CRM for a better customer experience. To make the most out of these processes, employees must be aware of all these systems. However, with an obsolete solution to access each of these processes, employees might shift between improper information, resulting in lower productivity. 

  • Slow Marketing Campaigns- Marketing campaigns are multifaceted. Thus, to match the present market needs, your marketing department needs to embrace specialized IT solutions. Whether it's about strategic planning or marketing content creation, a robust integrated system ensures campaign success. Without such integrated systems, your business might significantly experience higher manual effort and low-quality work in every marketing area. Campaign analysis is a complicated process. You need to collect data from different sources for planning, reporting, and publication. You might have to bank upon other KPIs for a better analysis of the campaign. Thus, an obsolete integrated solution might slow down the marketing process.
  • Might Devour Sales Capacity- In many companies, the sales department uses unintegrated solutions for their operations. It results in isolated processes that increase the chances of errors in daily sales activities. Without an integrated system, your team might struggle to achieve its sales targets due to the delay in preparing proper documents. This also hampers the training and knowledge transfer within the team that might affect the business’ overall performance.
  • Poor Troubleshooting- An integrated system is vital for customer service departments. With such systems, customer service agents can provide customers with security, essential for building a solid customer relationship. Thus, consider providing your customer service team with intelligent solutions connecting the entire corporate system. This will allow them to communicate effectively with the marketing and sales team for better customer satisfaction. Unintegrated solutions hamper the communication between departments and thus stop customer service agents from resolving customer queries efficiently. 

Success today does not guarantee growth and development tomorrow. To maintain authority in the market and stay ahead of the crowd, you need to think differently and update your business processes whenever required. Hence, to ensure optimum business growth, always look for ideas to deal with the aforementioned pitfalls.

So, are your obsolete processes damaging your brand identity and growth? Contact Copper & Vine Studio for unparalleled insights. Our expert team can help you with the right business solutions to aid your optimum business growth.










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