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Why Your Company Should Have Its Own Amazon Alexa Skill

A company should have its own personalized Amazon Alexa skill because Alexa skill is on the rise. Voice-enabled devices are the future, so companies that engaged their self on the minimum level are exposed to new opportunities in the industry. Wouldn’t you want your company to be part of the game changers to take advantage of these opportunities?

  1. Be beady for market disruption
  2. People love voice
  3. Let your brand be known
  4. New emerging market

Reasons to have a personalized Amazon Alexa Skill.

1. Be ready for market disruption

With Alexa’s 71% voice market domination,this makes it apparent that a company should understand and create their ownAlexa skill to make a pact with other brands. With Google AI assistant,Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri, it is evident that a market is growing up and there will be a fierce competition among the Tech giants when consumers adopt this technology fully.

2. People love Voice

With over 30 million Echoes in the UnitedStates. It is evident that there is a steady and efficient base for Alexa skill. The 30 million users are the early adopters of the voice revolution;there will be an increase in the number when people realize the advantage of voice technology. There are numerous Alexa powered devices in the industry, and there is more skill to come. By having a personalized Alexa skill, you have the propensity to grow as the market flourish.

3. Let your Brand be known

Creating an Alexa skill that makes it easy for users to interact with word or voice can boost the image of your brand and makes your products be known to a wide range of consumers. Learn how to use the Alexa skill to solve user-oriented problems and watch your brand grow.

4. New emerging market

The exciting thing about Alexa skill is that it is still a small market, with little players driving it presently. If your company can adopt it early and fail, it will be easy to start from scratch and achieve something big. Remember, there is always a big prize for the early adopters of new technology. There are diverse needs of users to are yet to be achieved, which proves that the market is still fresh.

Developing your company’s Alexa skill depends in your company if you intend to enter the voice market, if yes, it will be a good head start to create your own Alexa skill to disrupt the emerging market.

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