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June 11, 2020

Copper & Vine Studio Announces Project Re-Code Initiative, Pledges Up To $75k Towards Black Founders & Equality Projects.


Leah Hornsby
Copper & Vine Studio, Co.

WASHINGTON, DC – Copper & Vine Studio's Project Re-Code initiative will offer $50,000 #codethechange credits towards innovation projects that demonstrate equality until the end of 2020.

Over the next two years, Project Re-Code will also provide $75,000 #blackinnovation credits to black founders towards building their technology and business.

Copper & Vine Studio is a creative solutions agency that builds products and service offerings for businesses from concept to market for founders globally. They have over 15 years of experience in business, product and software development, strategy, design, and venture positioning.

Project Re-Code innovation development projects must demonstrate support of the fight for true equality within corporations, educational institutions, and nonprofits globally until the end of 2020. The selected projects must align with a vision for equality – whether in its conception, community presence, or user stories.

"As a black woman-owned agency, Copper & Vine gets to answer the call to reinvent how powerfully we stand as a resource during this time, and onward," says Rakia Finley, Copper & Vine's Owner and Managing Partner.

The $50,000 #codethechange credit will be towards any platform, mobile application, database, website, or product development project. The $75,000 #blackinnovation credit will be towards building the technology and business of black founders.

"As a black founder and developer, I am far too aware of what we are responsible for in the conversation of corporate equity and how the structure of technology funding, business, and innovation is coding out equality," says Finley.

Those interested in Project Re-Code can see if they qualify here: https://www.coppervinestudio.com/recode

About Copper & Vine Studio, Co.

Copper & Vine Studio is a minority- and woman-owned product development agency serving individual companies, institutions, and startups with a full range of development, strategy, technology, design, and change management.

Based in Washington, DC, the company provides a boutique and executive leadership convenience globally, serving approximately 60 clients a year, including corporations, governments, institutions, and individuals based in the US, UK, and parts of Africa and Spain. Find out more: www.coppervinestudio.com

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