Project Re-Code

A Declaration for Innovation

Building Change

Copper & Vine Studio, Co. will offer $50,000 #codethechangecredits towards innovation projects that demonstrate support of the fight for true equality within corporations, educational institutions, and nonprofits globally until the end of 2020. 

The selected projects must align with a vision for equality– whether in its conception, community presence, or user stories. 

Over the next two years, they will also provide $75,000 #blackinnovationcredits to black founders towards building their technology and business. 

The $50,000 #codethechange credit will be towards any platform, mobile application, database, website, or product development projects. The $75,000 #blackinnovation credit will be towards building the technology and businesses of black founder.

Official Press Release

I have thought deeply about what it looks like for the tech industry to take bold actions in tearing down the systemic barriers and disadvantages of race. This is one small step.

Rakia Finley, Owner & Managing Partner
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