This Startup that disrupted the Farm to Store Industry in 6 months

THE CHALLENGE: Help Pippin, build a venturing strategy for its produce awareness technology THE OUTCOME: A refined brand vision, strategy, and identity across channels, as well as a full developed mobile application & brand.

Project Details

A female founder in love with local produce had a mission to make the knowledge of farms and their specific harvest easier. Pippin contracted Copper & Vine to Validate, Brand Build, & Launch Pippin Foods App to build a full service produce management application that takes the pain out of the grocery store manager, farmer and consumer.

Pippin Foods was the first female founder to work with the Copper & Vine team. Designers worked to build the company’s brand vision, strategy, and identity across channels, and through a number of research point the coding process began. 5 months later Pippin was in the App store with 7 farms and 12 NYC grocery stores on the platform the first day.

The result was Pippin being acquired by a major grocery store and our Founder taking a VP position. This success was due to the work of Copper & Vine and by providing a set of tools that reflected a true understanding of Pippin's customers, a well-articulated product and service, and a human-centered approach.



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